We are so excited that you have decided to spend a few hours of your day with us at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Since our exhibits are ever changing, we have put together this self-guided tour. Enjoy!

Tip-Off Theater

Learn how it started with a 25-minute video, “Hoopful of Hope,” on the history of history of women’s basketball. Experience the boundaries women had to push in order to play the game. Witness the past, Present and Future.

“For the Love of the Game”

Voted by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors, this award recognizes individuals who have exemplified extraordinary courage and provided inspiration to the game of women’s basketball. Lauren Hill was the first individual honored with this award.

Construction Exhibit

We showcase the beginning of the WBHOF from conception in 1993 to the construction and grand opening in 1999. The Hall is used to honor women all around the world, who excel at the game. Watch our grand opening TV spots and you might see some people you know.

Uniform Development

Check out how the uniforms have evolved over the years. With our tactile display you can actually feel the different material of the uniform. I mean can you imagine playing in that 1927 uniform?

Through the Years

Test your knowledge with our timeline that takes you through the first 100 years of women’s basketball. You might be surprised about how much the game has changed! Answer the trivia questions to see how much you know about the game!

Mother of Women’s Basketball

Be social, take and share your picture with Senda Berenson, the mother of women’s basketball and her team. Be a part of history. Use #wbhof on all social media to tag us!

AAU / Old Locker Room

AAU has always stood at the forefront of women’s basketball. When women’s basketball first started, AAU was the organization that most teams played in. Check out what an old locker room would look like. Can you hear the game in the gym upstairs.

Trailblazers of the Game

Voted by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors, this exhibit recognizes the achievements of groups/teams that paved the way for women’s basketball. Remember, these organizations not only paved the way for women’s basketball, but women’s sport in general.


Modern Locker Room

These lockers represent the 2019 Final Four and are a far cry from a janitors closet used in the past. Take a seat and listen to a half-time speech by some of the greatest college coaches. Be sure to check out the boards with iconic plays from legendary coaches.

Ring of Honor

As you walk down All-American Ave., look up to see the jerseys of the top high school and college players from the 2018-19 season. This is used to recognize players from all over the world on their athletic achievements in basketball.



“Sports for all, forever.” The AAU has a long history of promoting amateur women’s basketball. Nearly all of the games’ greatest players took part in AAU competition during their rise to success. Check out the interactive screen that showcases the women of AAU basketball.

High School State Champions Touch Screen Map

Find out more on each division of girl’s high school basketball by selecting a state on our touchscreen and view the cases. The screen features information about each state’s  champions, including roster and coach.

Changing the Game – Title IX

Here at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, we LOVE Title IX!  Title IX served an integral role in eliminating discrimination in sports.  Do you know the history?

Getting the Ball Bouncing

This exhibit features the first collegiate women’s athletic association, the AIAW.  This is where women’s college basketball got its start.  Inside the case you can see the basketball from the first AIAW championship

Small Colleges

We highlight three divisions of small colleges of women’s basketball: the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA).  Some of the game’s most prominent figures made their name at these ranks.

Above the Rim

Check out the seven collegiate women dunkers. Can you name them all?  Can you play above the rim?

Pump it Up – Expanding the Game

The NCAA took over the AIAW in 1982 and since then women’s basketball has really taken off.  Check out the jerseys of two of the most successful NCAA programs: Louisiana Tech and Tennessee.

Legends of the Ball

Legends of the Ball Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by twelve players of the Women’s Basketball League (WBL). Our mission is “to promote the historic and social relevance of the WBL to inspire future generations to break through barriers, realize their potential, and become leaders for positive change.”

Dribble This

As you walk down to the basketball courts look up, you are now standing under the largest basketball in the world. It is 30 feet wide, weighs 20,000 pounds and has 96,000 pebbles.

Women Who Rock

Check out the larger-than-life guitar (26 feet, 150 pounds). As part of the Rock and Roll theme for the 2007 Women’s Final Four in Cleveland, OH. The guitar shot out flames from the JumboTron.

Professional Leagues

Check out our newest cases on women’s professional basketball leagues. Did you know there have been quite a few women’s professional basketball leagues throughout the year, but the three most notable are WBL, ABL and WNBA. Learn more about them here!

Around the World

:  Learn the history of the international games like the FIBA World Championships and the Pan-American Games.  This exhibit features the first collegiate women’s games, World University Games and Goodwill Games.  Notice the drastic changes to uniforms throughout the years.

Olympic Games

Women’s Basketball became part of the Olympics in 1976.  Check out Pat Summitt’s uniform (No. 14) and silver medal from 1976.  Did you know only the United States and Russia have won gold medals in women’s basketball history?


Next, we honor the most overlooked people in women’s basketball, the officials.  Currently, we have inducted five officials into the WBHOF: Darlene May, Marcy Weston, Patty Broderick, June Courteau, and Sally Bell.  Even though you may not always agree with their ruling, officials are essential to the function of the game.

Sports Medicine

Learn about the many advances made in sports medicine that keep athletes in top physical condition.  Injury prevention technology has rapidly advanced over the past few decades.  Did you know that the land that the WBHOF sits on was donated by DeRoyal Founder Pete Debusk and their corporate headquarters is in Knoxville?  Always remember to say thank you to these caregivers for keeping us in the game.

Women’s Professional Leagues

Did you know there were other professional women’s leagues before the WNBA (est. 1996)?  There have been many different professional leagues throughout the years.  Check out some of these different leagues and their memorabilia.

Great Moments

Check out some of the greatest moments in women’s basketball history!  Wonder what will be next in the women’s game?  History is being made every day!

All American Red Heads

Take a look at the world famous All American Red Heads memorabilia, including their limo that they traveled in to all of their games. The Red Heads were originally sponsored by a hair salon, if you didn’t have red hair you dyed it.  Original sports marketing?

In the Huddle

Get in the huddle and listen to your coach’s time-out talk.  Can you pay attention to what your coach is saying with all the noise?

Fast Facts

Check out Inductee Holly Warlick’s motorcycle that she rides for charity. See what other Inductees have done to give back to charities, foundations and worthwhile causes.

Winners Wall

The Winners’ Wall is where we honor the National Championship Teams at every level of competition.  These teams got to live out the dream of achieving the ultimate goal.  Check out the Division I NCAA Coaches Trophy.  It is Waterford Crystal and worth $30,000!

Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor is the hallowed area where we honor the current class of Inductees along with the former Hall of Famers.  For information on each Inductee, check out the Inductee touchscreen.


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